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All images JPEG-compressed as an 'invisible' watermark

Although I can do many kinds of graphic design, I currently only have examples for logo design:

If you have enough confidence in me, I could also do stuff like Twitch emotes, channel banners, or pretty much anything else you're willing to throw at me.

Prices start at $50 (based on 4hrs at CA$15/hr), but will be determined on a per-case basis. A big brand has much more reach (and more funds) than a small brand, and that needs to be accounted for in the price. You can contact me for a quote.

I generally have a 48-hr turnaround, however, that may not be guaranteed due to personal reasons, and I will contact you if that is the case.

I can make some art for your next album, EP, or single!

Here are some art for some singles I have done over the past year:

For $25, you will get infinite revisions. You will receive PNGs at 2400px2, 1400px2, 1024px2, and 512px2 - scaled for optimal clarity for different services - and a 512px2 JPEG for MP3, OGG, etc. metadata.

For an additional $8, you can also receive all the source files (usually in PDN, SVG, and KRA format).

I can make you a profile picture in the style of Papers Please.

Here are some examples I have made from AI-generated faces:

You can choose from one of the following 7 colour palettes for $20:

Or, for an additional $5, I can use all the colours in those palletes as I see fit, like how my old profile picture is done.

If you don't specify a colour palette, I will just choose what I think would look best.

You will receive a transparent-background PNG at origianl resolution (120px2) and at 960px2 point-scaled (which is what I have found to be the optimal resolution for downscaling while maintaining sharp edges for most social media sites.)

For an additional $8, you can also receive the original PDN file.


I accept PayPal, Credit Card (processed by PayPal), Interac e-transfer, and any crypto currency supported by Atomic Wallet.

I expect 50% upfront (you can feel free to round, if it makes you feel better :P), and will not start until I receive the upfront charge.

The remaining 50% is expected within 15 days of product delivery. If the invoice is not paid within 15 days of product delivery, the amount due is whatever the original amount due was, +10% for every day the payment is late. If p is the original amount owed, and n is the number of days past the original due date that you make the payment, your final amount due = p(1.10n).

If you are paying in cryptocurrency, the price will be based on the conversion rate between æ and your chosen cryptocurrency at the time of billing; all values <1 will be rounded to one significant figure.


Email: lucy@naln1.ca, naln1@protonmail.com (secure)

Telegram: @Naln1

Matrix: @naln1:naln1.ca

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